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Sermon Illustrations

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Lots of illustrations for any talks or sermons.


Sermon IllustrationsOne of the most difficult things when preparing a sermon or any talk can be adding a few examples to make the topics easier to understand or remember. You may know exactly what message God wants you to bring, but where can you find illustrations if you just can’t think of any? The aptly named Sermon Illustrations website of course!

You have to pay for the highest quality content on the site, however there is literally hundreds (and hundreds!) of free illustrations that you can look through. They are linked to the esermons website, which will be reviewed soon.

Quality of examples

That is a lot of examples. Generally the quality is good, with a mixture of new and old quotes and stories. Some funny, some deep, some cheesy! One point to make is that a lot of the examples are in an American context, so if you are not preaching in America you may need to ignore some of the examples (or adjust them to your culture).

When I use it, i find that often it is best for stimulating other ideas. So even if I may not find an example for what I am after it will help me to come up with something myself.

Ease of use etc.

It is really easy to use with various words sorted alphabetically. So for instance you could search for illustrations on anger, passion, trust or even that other popular sermon topic, annihilism. You are never more than two mouse clicks from any word.


Easy to use and lots of examples.


fCr rating:3 out of 5 stars
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  • Lots of areas covered
  • Mixture of types of examples (e.g. from Plato to Madonna)
  • Stimulates other ideas


  • Tends to American in focus (not a weakness if you are American obviously!)



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