Free Purpose Driven Life devotional

Purpose Driven Life devotional

the purpose driven life free Christian devotion
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well rounded variety of (almost!) daily devotions to help in all areas of your life.


Purpose Driven Life DevotionalPurpose Driven Life is a modern daily devotion based around Rick Warren’s well known book of the same name. Indeed Rick Warren now hosts the devotional entries on his website.

It is not strictly a daily devotional in that you get five emails each week from Monday through to Friday. Each day covers one of the five key themes of the book as follows:

  • Worship
  • Discipleship
  • Fellowship
  • Ministry
  • Evangelism

This is a great structure to use for a devotional to ensure that each day you are thinking about a different area of your life.

The style of writing is very much the same as the Purpose Driven Book, so if you enjoyed reading that then this would be a good choice of devotion. At the end of each devotion there is a section titled “What does this mean”. This gives a good little summary of the devotion and often includes application questions to get you thinking.

Getting the devotion

If you go to the devotion page of the Purpose Driven Life website you can read the entry for the day.

However the easiest way to read the Purpose Driven Life daily devotion is to subscribe to the Purpose Driven Life email service.

The subscription process is relatively laborious though as you have to provide your name, address and telephone number. I can understand they are interested in collecting these details, but it will put many people off signing up to the email.


The Purpose Driven Life devotion provides a well rounded variety of (almost!) daily articles to help in all areas of your life.


  • Good quality articles
  • Available via email


  • Long sign up process for the email

34 thoughts on “Free Purpose Driven Life devotional”

  1. Today is the first day of my life that I feel I have a purpose in my life after reading the first 7 chapters of The Purpose Driven Life. Praise God and thankyou for a better outlook on life.Daniel Streeseman

  2. para obtener una suscripción semanal del devocional una vida com proposito

  3. I really want to get Purpose Driven Life, a friend of mine said that this is very good. Would you please send it over and thank you for your kind help.

  4. My Wife and I are currently conducting weekly Prison Ministry sesons.
    We would appreciate any help you might offer to enhance thw Bible Study.

  5. I am a new Christian,9 months old and looking for my purpose after losing my job and career at 60 years of age. After a period of depression and turning to drugs, this book has helped me on my Christian path. I am still out of work, no longer taking drugs and no longer depressed as I have been diligently working on obedience to the Lord. I found myself on this site because I am interested in getting all of the free study guides that you have available.
    God bless us all.
    Thank you, Eileen

  6. hi to all,im was 1 month old being a christian and i want to growth.i want your first step for spiritual growth and daily bible reading plan. i am a philippine. and i want to change my life. i was a sinner.i want to growth my faith with God please help me.. i was read your book the 40 days of purpose. that why i got your email. many thanks. mariafe

  7. please send me free christian resources for my daily devotional. Thank you. God bless you, all.



  9. The book had been a blessing to me.I would like the Purpose-Driven health Assessment and information on celebrate recovery.God richly bless you.

  10. I thoroghly enjoyed the book,so that I am reading it for the second time. i began on Monday 16, 2011. may Jehovah God continue to bless your work.

  11. First off ,I would like to thank you for getting this book published.I first read The Purpose Driven Life in Prison.I have been out 29 months now.I am also clean and sober the same time.My life has made a 360.I am working now and I am not homeless anymore.I have my own keys now.I found an awesome church called The Journey in New York City.I am now reading this book again with my girlfriend.I highlighted some interesting points the last time I read it.I am doing the same again.I still learn new stuff.I just love JESUS….<3

  12. Dear Mr. Rick Warren,
    I have just finsihed reading the first 6th chapters of your book The Purpose Driven Life. I would like to receive your little booklet, First Steps for Spiritual Growth. I Believe in JESUS and I receive HIM. Praise the Lord JESUS CHRIST.

  13. Dear Mr. Rick Warren,
    I was given this book The Purpose Driven Life by my relative way back March 2010, I just set it aside then knowing it was just another spiritual book until these August 7,2011 while i was going through my stuff at the garage i came accross it but never cross my mind that it was the same book given to me by my relative. As i started reading through it i felt something strange wanting me to reach for more each day becomes more meaningful. I would like to give the same book to someone special how much will it cost me? can i pay it monthly. Thank you so much God Bless You.

  14. Dear Mr. Rick Warren,

    I purchased the Purpose driven Life Book recently and was able to read the 5 chapters.This book of yours made me realize many things that I never realized before. Thank You very much :-) I would love to receive your little booklet, First Steps for Spiritual Growth.Once again, THANK YOU AND GODBLESS! ♥

  15. The Purpose Driven is very informational. I bought it some tome ago
    & read it just to read it. Now I am reading it one day @ a time & I
    know I will have to re – do it more than once just to absorb more.
    Thank-you for writing the book. I would very much like to receive
    ‘YOUR FIRST STEPS FOR SPIRITUAL GROWTH.’ May god bless you always
    Rick Warren for explaining HIS plan for us.

  16. hi, good day! i was starting reading a purpose driven for life (filipino version) at first, i thought that was just a hobby reading but later on i was realizing that Jesus makes a way to feel that i was so blessed every time of my whole life, and now everytime that i read it, i read also the Bible. i just wanna receive free daily devotional book and also the first steps for spiritual growth to help me more to know about Jesus. I also attend here in the Philippines a christian church. Thank you and God Bless.

  17. A good friend of mine lent me his “Purpose Driven” book. I am reading it now and have just finished day seven . It says to email you and you will send the booklet ” Your First Steps for Spiritual Growth”. I am very anxious to get this booklet. Thank you for this offering and God bless you for helping us all find our purpose.

  18. Dear Brother in Christ (Mr. R. Warren),
    I’m also praising God with that book -“Purpose Driven Life” it brings a new perspective and new outlook in our christian life – to live for God’s glory. We are using this book here in Saudi Arabia. I read some ‘comments’ from some theologians or Bible students…and I know you have considered those comments with humble/godly heart. We know that God is only the perfect one. His ways are not our ways. May our gracious Lord Jesus give you more godly insights & wisdom. You’re blessing to us. Glory to God!

  19. Dear Mr. Rick Warren,
    A blessed day, I was on my 7th day reading the purpose driven life book and you stated to email you to have the booklet, i was so eager to have those booklet because i know it would be a greatest help for me to grow more spiritually, thank you.. Our almighty God be with us!

  20. Hi pastor Rick Warren !
    I greet you in Jesus name , I knew you through your remarkable book (purpose driven life) , really it’is amazing and excellent book , my purpose in this message is to thank you thousand and thousand millions for writing that wonderful book . It inspired me to much to know the meaning of worship , to be like Jesus (discipleship) God wants me to learn , being in God’s family (fellowship) , GOD made me to work for Him (ministry) and to be His witness (Evangelism) , GOD wants me to tell HIM others or bring others to CHRIST . May Almighty GOD give you a complete power and skill of writing .

  21. I want to help a friend become a Christian. Please send to me a copy of

    Your First steps for Spiritual Growth, or any other similar resource.

    Thanks, Richard F. Houts

  22. The Purpose Driven Life has been a life changer for me. I want to grow more and do more in my faith in Jesus Christ.
    I would like to request the free materials offered in the book:
    -A personal daily Bible reading plan
    -A list of recommended books on each purpose
    -The Purpose-Driven Health Assessment

  23. Thanks for the purpose driven life book you wrote. God bless you real good sir.
    The book is really changing my perspective about serving God and how to live life.
    God will continue to use. You sir.


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