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Free Christian Music – 33Miles and Pocket Full of Rocks

The recently reviewed free Christian music website has highlighted a couple of great free download songs available from Brickman Media. Unlike most of the free songs mentioned here, you have to give your address and email before getting the link to the free mp3.

33Miles – Salvation has a name


As well as the free mp3 of Salvation has a name you can also get the performance track, powerpoint slides, and guitar lead sheet.

Here are some of the lyrics from Salvation Has a Name:

Every moment that I come to know you
I find a new depth of love surrounding me
Deeper than oceans, higher than any mountain peak
I’m so amazed at the wonder You hold, I can hardly believe

33Miles website:
33Miles myspace:

Pocket full of Rocks – At the Cross


Pocket Full of Rocks say “I think there is a level we have to go to as worship leaders where it ceases to be just an experience that fades, and instead becomes married to truth, where people walk out having not only been in the presence of God, but have also heard His motives, His intents, His desires for their lives.”

Here are some of the lyrics from At the cross:

At the cross, at the cross where
there’s room for me
At the cross, at the cross I am finally free
At the cross, at the cross burdens roll
away, At the cross

Pocket full of Rocks website:
Pocket full of Rocks myspace:

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