Great collection of free Paul Baloche worship resources

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A collection of resources, videos and articles for worship leaders.


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An amazing selection of free songs, videos and articles

Paul Baloche’s website, Lead Worship, offers loads of resources to help equip worship leaders. This site will not just interest worship leaders though as there is a generous selection of free mp3 songs and videos available too.

Free Christian resources has already featured a some Paul Baloche songs and Rick Warren says “Paul Baloche has the hand of God on his songwriting and worship leading. His music is a great gift to the body of Christ.”

There is a variety of free resources at the lead worship website including:

Free Paul Baloche Training Videos

On the main songbook resources page there are various columns and the first one (after the song title) is called “Listen and Play”. If you hover you mouse pointer over the downward arrow logos any that have “ListenAndPlay” in their title are videos that have instructions from Paul Baloche on playing those songs. This will be a great help to worship leaders. Some of the songs currently featured include Because of you Love, and Above All. At present there are about ten videos included.

Free Paul Baloche mp3 songs

On the same column as the training videos, any links that end with .mp3 are free songs that you can download. There is an amazing selection of free songs offered including the following at present, as you can see there is a whole album of content:

  • All Hail the Power of Jesus’ Name
  • All the Earth Will Sing Your Praises
  • Arms Open Wide
  • Great Redeemer
  • My Reward
  • Offering (Christmas Version)
  • Our God Saves
  • Praise Adonai
  • Thank You, Lord
  • The Way
  • What Can I Do
  • You Gave Your Life Away

Lyrcis, Chords, Charts and Lead Sheets

There is also lots of other resources for specific songs. Firstly there are lyrics and chords for some of the songs, which is obviously good for those wanting to play the songs in their church.

Also depending on how you want to play there are piano charts, band charts and lead charts. This one of the comprehensive set of resources for any single “band”.

Thoughts on Worship

Another large component of the website which is of use for worship leaders, or anyone who is part of the worship team, is the ‘Thoughts of Worship’ page which is a collection of articles and videos. It is a really good selection covering a wide variety of worship topics.

Some of the topics covered include:

  • Solving personal conflicts on the worship team
  • Flow – Minimizing Distractions on the Journey of Worship
  • Twelve Keys to Unlock Writer’s Block
  • Let’s Change The World

Here is one of the videos on introducing new songs:

In closing, here is a quote from Paul Baloche found at his Lead Worship website:

“We need each other. We need to worship. The essence of life is a relationship with God and a relationship with others. I think writing songs and trying to be creative with God’s word, to sing out your prayers spontaneously is a great spiritual exercise. And if a good song comes out of it, that’s a bonus.”

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