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The Free Christian Music Blog

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A blog that keeps you up to date with free Christian songs


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The Free Christian Music Blog
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A regularly updated website with a wide variety of free Christian music

Jars of clayIf you love a variety of high quality free Christian music then you should certainly add the Free Christian Music Blog to the list of websites that you visit often (as well as the free songs section here of course!). Recently they have included free songs from artists such as Jars of Clay, Aaron Shust , Michael W.Smith, Switchfoot, and Robbie Seay Band.

The Free Christian Music Blog does an amazing job of scouring the internet to find great legal free Christian songs. It is updated very regularly and includes rock, indie, hip hop, gospel and just about any other type of music that may interest you.

Some of the songs highlighted are also included here at the free songs section, but there are lots of other songs included too. Some of the free Christian songs are not available for long (such as those that iTickets provide), so it is worth signing up to their RSS feed to make sure you don;t miss out on any really goodies.

15 thoughts on “The Free Christian Music Blog”

  1. Thanks for the great review! James & I really appreciate it. I’ll have to return the favor sometime soon, your site is one of the best.

  2. Thank you very much for your kind comment about free Christian resources. I am excited about the future as there are so many great websites out there I’ve not yet had time to review!

    I was very impressed when I found your website about a month ago by the wide variety (and number) of songs you find. Hopefully as my website grows I’ll be able to send more visitors to you.

  3. Just thought that someone out there is looking for some Christian rock music that is a little rare and “in your face” (not in a bad way), yet with a truthful message. Maybe it’s better to just call it rock music with an attitude by someone that just happens to be a Christian. Whatever you want to call it, this album may become a classic, Check it out – if this is Christian rock music, bring it on!!

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