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Two free Jason Cox mp3 songs

 Jason Cox

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Jason Cox
Downpour, When angels come.
Jason Cox Website | Goombah music
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Jason Cox has spent the last ten years touring the world, and is generously providing two free songs with Goombah music. Of the two I prefer Downpour, it is a really good worship song and a good guide to the rest of his songs. Jason Cox aims to “challenge students to fall deeply in love with Jesus to move past religious rules and rhetoric and discover a genuine and personal relationship.

There are currently two free Jason Cox songs available at Goombah:

  • Downpour
  • When angels come

Here are some of the lyrics from Downpour

Fire that consumes ,your holy spirit moves,
Downpour, downpour
I need more of you.

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and finally here is a YouTube video of Jason Cox:


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