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Free Bible Study Toolbox

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Bible Toolbox
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A search engine for bible translations, commentaries, dictionaries and more…

The Bible Study Toolbox
The bible toolbox is a website that searches other websites to provide results for bible verse searches, word studies, commentaries and illustrations.

The site itself does not have any content, but links all of the results to other well known websites such as Bible Gateway and the Christian Classics Ethereal Library. If you want access to large amounts of bible information then this is the website for you. It is generally not as user friendly as some other bible study tools, but does have access to more resources than anything else.

One great improvement would be if you could select a variety of results and see them all. For instance currently if you wanted to see five different commentaries on a verse you need to search five times. It would be great if you could do one search and be presented with all five results.


If you are searching for bible verses the main translations are:

  • NIV, New International Version
  • NIV, Audio Version
  • KJV, King James Version with Strongs
  • NKJV, New King James Version
  • NASB, New American Stand.
  • NLT, New Living Translation
  • Multiple (NIV, RSV, KJV, DBY, YLT)
  • Plus many more…

If you search for any verses, they will then open up in a different website that provides that translation.

There are also several commentaries that can be accessed including:

  • World Wide Study Bible
  • Study Light (topic search)
  • Matthew Henry’s Concise Commentary
  • Matthew Henry’s Complete Commentary
  • Jamieson Fuassset and Brown
  • Wesley’s Explanatory Notes
  • Darby’s Synopsis of the New Testament
  • Illustrated New Testament
  • People’s New Testament

Word Studies
Finally, you can do word studies (both in English and Greek) to help with the meaning of any biblical words. You can search through the concordances of most of the bibles and access several dictionaries.

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