Free audio & video from Desiring God’s Conference on Prayer

Desiring god prayer

The audio, text and video from the recent Conference on Prayer that Desiring God ran is now available. There are some really great looking preaches here that I can’t wait to listen to.

  • Cultivating Private Prayer as a Pastor by Joel Beeke
    Beeke says, “Prayer is often treated as the appendix to our work rather than the foundation. . . . The problem is not that we don’t pray, but rather it is that we seldom pray prayerfully.” He explains two parts required for prayerful praying: taking hold of yourself and taking hold of God.
  • Helping Your People Discover the Praying Life by Paul Miller
    Miller exhorts us, “God wants the ‘muddy you’—you in all your brokenness—to come to him as a child in prayer.” He says that when most people try to create a habit of prayer, they create a ‘spiritual’ version of them to go to God. But God wants the ‘real you’ to come to him as you would to anyone with whom you are in an intimate relationship.
  • Prayer as a Way of Walking in Love: A Personal Journey by Francis Chan
    Chan says, “In my life, prayer has even rivaled the Scriptures in raising my affections for God.” He shows in the Scriptures that one main thing which differentiates Christians from the rest of the world is that God hears us when we pray.
  • He Kissed the Rose and Felt the Thorn: The Living and Dying in the Morning of Life by John Piper
    Piper begins by referring to a handful of men whose lives the Lord cut short, but were used mightily to impact the world. Grateful to those who have told the stories, Piper gives insight on the practices and influence of Robert Murray McCheyne, noting his key friendships, powerful preaching, and constant communion with Jesus.
  • Leading Family Worship by Joel Beeke
    Beeke begins by stating the high importance the event of family worship has in his life. He establishes the family as derivative of God’s intra-trinitarian relationship and then gives practical advice for how fathers can lead their families in communion with the Lord.
  • Unreached Peoples and the Power of Prayer by Jerry Rankin
    Rankin asks, “Could it be that Satan has duped us into a self-centered and provincial view of Christianity that has affected the way we pray?” He urges pastors to align their desires with the Lord’s, in prayerful expectation of seeing the unreached hear the gospel.
  • Speaker Panel with Beeke, Miller, Chan, Rankin, and Piper
    The speaker panel features great interaction between the speakers and questions submitted by conference attendees.

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