Free Resources from Worship God 11. Instruments, General & Children

Worship god 2011
Worship Matters have provided a great list of seminars from the WorshipGod11 conference. This is the second of two posts so check out for the first list covering different areas.

If you visit the Worship Matters website you get a little summary on each talk, and can download the talk and also a written outline.

Bass, Drums, Guitar

  • Strengthening the Drum/Bass Connection, PT1 – Ryan Foglesong and David Zimmer
  • Strengthening the Drum/Bass Connection, PT2 – Ryan Foglesong and David Zimmer
  • Guitar Conversations – Mike Cosper, Patrick Anderson, Paul Hoover
  • Chord Voicings and Concepts for Guitar – Patrick Anderson (packet)


  • A Faith for All Season – Julie Kauflin (for women)
  • Redefining Burnout – Jon Payne
  • Simplify Your Spiritual Life – Don Whitney
  • Praying Through Scripture – Don Whitney
  • Behind Closed Doors – Joseph Stigora


  • Leading Children to Worship Christ – Jared Kennedy

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