Recommended book – Ryle’s Holiness

If you are looking for a book to read at the moment then look no further than this classic.

Tim Challie’s has come up with the idea on his blog of reading through great Christian books at a comfortable pace, and then having a discussion about it on his blog. The first contender up for this global book club is J.C. Ryle’s Holiness.

The reason I am promoting this is of course because you can get ‘Holiness’ free from Christian Classics Ethereal Library. Christian Classics Ethereal Library is one of the sites that I highly rate on this site due to its high quality content. Alternatively, Tim has a few links on his site where you can buy it if you would prefer.

The recommendation comes from J.I. Packer who says “Real Christians will find it a gold mine, a feast, a spur and a heart warmer, food, drink, medicine and a course of vitamins, all in one. Reading it will, I trust, confirm to you the estimate of Ryle … as a great man and—more important!—fill your heart with the realism, wisdom, energy, lowliness, and joy of Christ. So may Ryle truly come into his own in all our lives.”

I for one am up for this challenge and think it is a superb way to be motivated to read some timeless Christian literature.

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