Free Paul Baloche mp3 – Our God Saves


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Paul Baloche
Our God Saves
Download | Paul Baloche Website | Vertical Music Website


This song is provided by Vertical Music, and is currently their featured free song. The Paul Baloche album it comes from includes co-writes and duets with Matt Redman, Brenton Brown, Kathryn Scott and Glenn Packiam. Paul has written some powerful songs in the past such as “Open the Eyes of My Heart”, “Hosanna,” and “Above All”.

Pastor and best-selling author Rick Warren says, “Paul Baloche has the hand of God on his songwriting and worship leading. His music is a great gift to the Body of Christ.” I agree, and the more I listen to the more I both love the music and am reminded of just what our God has done for us.


Listen to the song in a new tab/window:
Get the lyrics here:

28 thoughts on “Free Paul Baloche mp3 – Our God Saves”

  1. Paul,
    Your one of the best encouragers I have!! I love how you preach!! Your songs make me want to SHOUT!
    Be Blessed!!

  2. hi sir david!

    thank you very much for doing this kind of site. i am here in middle east and its quite difficult for me to find christian songs and its for FREEE!!!! I am so thankful sir

    it really encourages me! can i ask your permission to share your site to all my friends?

    what can i say??? honestly you are fantastic! God bless you more!


  3. Hi praise God am so much blessed to see that you can really meet people’s need
    through this network .please send me some of T.D Jakes messages through my emali adress

  4. I am an Ethiopian, ministering the gospel in a church, Gospel Light Church.
    I want an audio english bible- ESV, ASV, or a similar one.
    Please help me and enrich me in my ministry. Thank you.

  5. How do I actually download these MP3’s? Or is it ‘free’ in terms of listening to the song. I clicked download but it just opened in Windows Media Player but nothing to save.


  6. Hello Becky,

    Thank you for visiting free Christian resources. This song is free to download, thanks to Paul Baloche’s generosity!

    It depends on the browser and type of computer you have as to how to download them – but the best bet is probably to right click on the download link in the post and then choose ‘save link as’ or something that sounds similar to that. It should then download.

  7. I agree with you David – the simplier the lyrics the better…wether it be Paul Baloche or Don Moen’s music, it’s all the same but a blessing to all brethrens out there.

  8. I was struggling with websites that provided pirated music, to find this site is a blessing for me. May God bless your work David. Do please help to know other related websites(legal).

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