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Free Rush of Fools mp3 – Undo

Rush of fools - Undo

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Rush of Fools
Download | Rush of Fools Website | Brickman Media Website

This Rush of Fools song is provided by Brickman media and is a song I recommend you listen to. The song is high quality, God focused and really gets you worshiping to God.

Rush of fools are a relatively new band and this is their debut single, indeed their website says:

“Sometimes aspiring Christian artists spend years and years developing their music and building their ministry before God places them on a national platform. Then there are times when God hits the fast forward button and a new act seems to emerge almost overnight. Rush Of Fools is definitely on the divine fast track.”

If you want to hear more of their songs go to the Rush of Fools myspace page!


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Rush of Fools website:
Rush of Fools myspace site:

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