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Free Michael Olson song – On the Third Day

Michael Olson

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Michael Olson
On the Third Day
Download | Michael Olson website | Michael W.Smith

This song is provided by byMichael W. Smith, and performed by Michael Olson. The song reminds us of the grace and love that God showed through the sacrifice, and resurrection of Jesus.

If you like this free download then you will want to go the Michael W. Smith website where you can listen to the whole album online!.

Here is a quote from Michael Olson’s website that sums up his outlook on worship music:

The highest purpose for the music I create is for others to be brought closer to Jesus. I’d love for people to listen to these songs with the understanding that the guy who wrote this stuff is just like them. We have similar struggles, similar questions, but the same God. The grace of Jesus isn’t for a select few, and the freedom that comes from knowing God’s love isn’t just applicable to the guy on the CD cover. It’s for everybody. Love’s arm is long enough to reach us all.


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