Free Slumdog Millionaire clips for sermons

free-movie-clips.jpgWingClips has recently added six clips from the critically acclaimed movie Slumdog Millionaire.

* The terms of use for WingClips allows clips to be downloaded and used only and solely for the purpose of illustrating sermon messages and/or teachings during free public religious services and/or teaching presentations. Further terms apply as detailed at the WingClips website.

slumdog-millionaire.jpgSlumdog Millionaire – Are You Nervous? (1:09) ~
As the tension mounts, Jamal asks the host if he is nervous!
Themes: Winning, Risk, Reward, Stress, Life Changing

Slumdog Millionaire – Never Forgive You (1:17)
Jamal decides to never forgive his brother after he commits an unspeakable crime against both him and the girl he loves.
Themes: Bitterness, Forgiveness, Revenge, Communication

Slumdog Millionaire – Phone A Friend (1:13)
Jamal chooses to use phone a friend lifeline after getting stuck. But will his friend get to the phone in time?
Themes: Friendship, Communication, Teamwork, Defining Moments, Faithful

Slumdog Millionaire – Trailer (2:04)
Themes: Opportunity, Life Changing, Destiny, Purpose, Love-Romantic

Slumdog Millionaire – Train Station (1:24)
Jamal tries to rescue Latika (the girl he loves) from her pursuers in a crowded train station.
Themes: Rescue, Vulnerability, Danger, Failure, Desperation

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