Stay accountable with your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch

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Accountable iPhone application
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Free iPhone application to help with your accountability

AccountableIf you have an accountability partner this application may be useful to track any questions, or areas of your life that you struggle with.

You start with a list of generic questions such as:

  • Have I spent time daily in the Scriptures and in prayer?
  • Have I been completely honest in all of my financial dealings today?

Also, if you pick the one that you are being held accountable to, you are given the opportunity to add a little explanation of what happened or why.

However you can add any accountability points you want yourself in the options, or turn off he default ones.

So then each day (or week or whatever) you can go in and run through he list. You can store emails in the options so that you can quickly email it on to your accountability partner/s. Of course, you could even do this on your own – although it will be much more effective if shared with someone you trust.

This is a good simple application that works well.

It would be nice to be able to track your responses over time, with some statistical analysis of your inputs though. Nothing too fancy, but something that you could easily use when you sit down face to face.

Do you have an accountability partner? Do you think this would help, assuming it is as an add on rather than meaning you never meet in person?

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