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Get high quality free Christian songs every week! If you follow We Are Worship you will quickly collect an amazing selection of free Christian songs.


We Are Worship is one of the best places to find fantastic free Christian music. Every week at least one new Chirstian song can be downloaded in mp3 format. Quite often an extra free song is also given away. And finally, there is also a free hymn of the month available over an entire month. You might not be able to immediately get lots of free songs, but over a course of the next year you could accumulate a big collection of worship music.

In order to access the free worship music you simply sign up to their newsletter, and every week you will be emailed what songs are available that week.

High Quality Worship Music

Most importantly, the free music is always of a very high quality. There’s no point in getting something free if its trash! All of the songs are from professional produced bands, and also, they are all worship songs.

Useful free resources if you are part of a band

Personally, I just use this website to get high quality free mp3s. But if you also play music then there are some extra free resources just for you. Firstly, you can view the lyrics online or download them onto a powerpoint. And also, you can download the chard charts for the free songs as well. So if you like a song there is nothing to stop you leading others in worship with you!

If you click on the option to song search you also open up access to some other free resources. There are bundles of other chord charts, for songs that you can’t download anymore.

Also, there are a few tutorial videos where artists walk you through how to play the songs.

Share your own worship songs

Finally, if you are budding artist you can share your songs on SongShare. You can also listen to other songs people have written as well as often accessing their lyrics and sheet music.

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