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third day radio – Christian music review


Third Day are a great Christian rock band, and also very generous to boot. Third Day radio is held on their website and allows you to play all thirteen of their albums on your computer. It also has a preview of their upcoming album. Even if you own all of their stuff it is worth a look as it has an album that was only ever released on tape (remember them!) as well as other unreleased stuff.

If you’ve never heard them before head for the Offerings album which is a fantastic worship album. No flutes or pan pipes in sight! I’m guessing they hope that by letting you listen for free you will go on to buy the albums so you can listen to them on you ipod or cd player. I think its a great tactic and I’m sure I’ll be getting more of their albums myself.

Oh yes… also there is no annoying presenter (apart from at the beginning) just 100% music! If you have broadband -bookmark this link!


This is a generous gift from Third Day, and well worth using.


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  • Quality music
  • It has all of their albums!
  • The music is non stop


  • You can’t download the songs



7 thoughts on “third day radio – Christian music review”

  1. Your site looks fantastic. Being a blog writer personally, I really value the time you took in writing this article.

  2. I love all of thrids music. I sing and play there songs in church. thanks thrid day you guys are great.

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