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Automatically shows the verses that your visitors rest their mouse on.

Link: https://ebible.com/ministry

What simple (and free) application could really improve the usability of your website with minimal effort? ebibleicious may just be the answer! When installed, whenever anyone rests their mouse over a bible verse on your website, it will bring up that verse in a little pop up style window. It is not at all intrusive as when you move the mouse away the verse simply disappears. This is great as it means your readers aren’t directed to another site as they can be on some other similar bible verse searches.

You can use alternative ways of showing the text, such as the snippet mode (shows an inline link), the link mode (shows a link to the actual ebible website) or the study mode (same as the link mode, but with a more comprehensive result provided by ebible).

Also, when the window is open, it gives a link for a study on that passage, and studies on the key topics of any passage.

You can currently choose from a few translations to show including NIV, ESV, NASB and MSG.

I installed this by using the WordPress plug-in, but you can utilise this on any site by putting the JavaScript code they provide in the header section.

Ease of use etc.

It can be slightly confusing finalising the set up and finding the API key that you need. Once you have signed into the account just go to this link to find your API key: http://ebible.com/api/signup

Once it is installed, it is dream to use as it does all the work for you! There is no need to trawl through your website adding lots of links as ebiblecious does all that for you. You just have to be careful the verses are in an allowable format. For instance a few of mine had full stops after the verse – which stops it working. As you can see the following verse won’t work as it is in the wrong format- Gal.1:1.

From the point of view of the end user, it is also very easy to use, just hover the mouse over the verse and it will bring up the passage. They do not need to install anything at all – it will automatically work when you have built in in to your website.


You can see what it looks like be resting your mouse on these examples (Romans 1:1-3, Gen 3:1-5).
The default view is a good and clean look. You can change the CSS of the file to make it blend in with your website as well, although I’ve not yet had time to test this yet.


This is a fantastic plug in and it really adds value to your website. Once installed it is no hassle at all to use. I honestly can’t think of reason why you would not want to use this if your run a website! All in all, it is a delicious little add-on!


fCr rating:5 stars
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  • Once installed, it does all the work for you
  • Very useful and easy to use for the viewers of your website


  • None found yet!


Website link: https://ebible.com/ministry

2 thoughts on “eBible – website review”

  1. Hey thanks for the review! You can indeed change the font, color, etc all by including your own CSS file or editing the one we provide. It is only a starting point and someone with minimal CSS skills can edit our file to make the popups look more like their site.

    – Mark

  2. Thanks Mark,

    I’ll tweak the review, and have a go at changing the CSS in the near future.


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