Free ESV bible WordPress plug-in

Chris Roberts has come up with a great way to add ESV bible verses onto your WordPress powered website. It is very flexible and gives you several ways of displaying verses. The key benefit is that you do not need to write out the bible verse, just the reference, so it should save you time. Here are the different ways you can use the plug-in to display verses:

  • Tooltip
    This is a useful option, as it shows just the bible reference but if you click on it it brings up a pop-up box with the verse.
  • Inline
    This adds the bible reference with the verse and displays it inline in your post.
  • Blockquote
    This adds the bible reference with the verse and displays it as a blockquote for added emphasis.
  • Link
    This is a useful one as it displays the bible reference as it is, but makes it into a link to the ESV website.
  • Ignore!
    This will simply ignore your default setting and leave any bible references as text.

You can set one of these as a default way to display all verses, and this can be overridden on a case by case basis by following the instructions on the plug-in page.


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