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You have to root around as the images are not sorted into groups, however there are some good clip art graphics available.

Link: http://www.uponthisrock.com

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Upon this Rock has some good free clip art and graphics, and is well worth checking out. There are quite a few rotating images too so if that is what you are after then have a look at their site.

Main content

  • Graphics/Clip art
  • PowerPoint backgrounds

Graphics/Clip art

The wealth of the content on the site is through their scripture images, basically a picture with a verse from the bible on it. You can get an idea of the images from the small selection below:
(please note: the image quality has been reduced here. Click for a larger image)

PowerPoint backgrounds

There is also a variety of PowerPoint Backgrounds that can be used for a variety of presentations should you want to put a Christian spin on your bland looking slides!


You have to scroll through all of the images to find what you may be after, with no specific navigation available.


You have to root around as the images are not sorted into groups, however there are some great clip art graphics available.


  • Good quality clip-art


  • Difficult to navigate


Website: http://www.uponthisrock.com/

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