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Christian verse art

Link: https://www.jrbell.com/

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John Bell’s Christian Art Gallery has been running since 1998, and has built up some superb images in that time. Only the high resolution images require any from of payment, but for websites the low resolution ones are as good as you need anyway.

Main content

  • Wallpaper/Clip art
  • Postcards/e-card

Wallpaper/Clip art

The wealth of the content on the site is through their scripture images, basically a picture with a verse from the bible on it. You can get an idea of the images from the small selection below:
(please note: the image quality has been reduced here. Click for a larger image)



You can also send any of the images to people as a postcard (aka e-card). This is simple to do and is an option whilst viewing any image.

Other content

There are a few blog entries including a very detailed review of Harry Potter, particularly interesting was the table with similarities between Harry Potter and Jesus’ lives in the imagery used.


It is easy to browse the site, with images sorted by category, bible verse or even random if you need inspiration!


At the time of review there were 220 images in the website and these were of consistently good quality.


fCr rating:3 stars
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  • Good quality images


  • John is a busy man (4 children!) so the content is not updated as much as some sites


Website: http://www.jrbell.com/

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