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The gospel in six minutes

Tim Challies, a well known Christian blogger, produced a recent post about how superb it would be if the gospel could be promoted to the front page of Digg. In fact he was even more specific and suggested that it would be great if it was a ten minute John Piper video.

Desiring God logoWithin hours the Desiring God website had dug around in their archives and found a six minute video, with text or audio also available! Non Christians may well be looking into our websites, and anything that spreads the gospel this way has got to be good.

Listen to the six minute gospel: [audio:]

I was thinking of adding a section like this myself on this site, but with such good quality stuff available it seems silly to produce something of lesser quality. It is the same gospel or us all after all. All About God is a good example of a website that keeps the focus on the gospel. Specifically, they have a page for potential new Christians.

So why not Digg the 6 minute gospel and see if we can get the good news on the front page!

link to video

I will have the video available on this site soon, but in the meantime go directly to the Desiring God website. The Evangelical Outpost has a text excerpt of the video.

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