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free song and Christian meditation – cms in downfall

rightsideall.jpgJonny Baker recently posted on an audio visual meditation he lead and has provided both the text he used and a link to the free audio video that was playing in the background.

The video used was Dayvan Cowboy by Boards of Canada. The music is not your typical worship music but is an instrumental. Thankfully though, there are no pan-pipes in sight and this is an absolutely fantastic piece of music. My music ability is stunted but if I were to describe it it would be a mixture of Air (chilled out), Groove Armada (slightly funky and cool) and a tiny smattering of Radiohead (a little bit raw). Boards of Canada themselves are not Christian, but their music is perfectly suited to Christian meditation.

Jonny’s words focus on those that have gone before us, and what we will do in the future/now. Here is a small snippet, but you’ll have to go to his blog to get the rest…

will you dare?
will you dream?
will you risk?
will you follow?
will you leave your known world?
will you freefall with god?


The meditation words:
The meditation video:

7 thoughts on “free song and Christian meditation – cms in downfall”

  1. Hi Roger,

    Thanks for visiting my website ;)

    I would point out that this site is primarily set up to help Christians, or those looking into Christianity find the things they are after. I don’t force anyone to come here or brainwash them!

    Of course, that is not to say I disagree with evangelism – I’m eternally grateful I was told the gospel and not brainwashed!

  2. David,

    I like how you handled “Roger Tan”. In a humble way.

    I am so thankful for the site! Thank you so much, and God Bless!


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  4. great site,
    I do agree with part of what Roger Tan had to say.
    Much of the material avaialble is indeed useful for “brainwashing”.
    With the invasive bombardment of media “crap” we are assailed with daily, it is important to take some time to “wash” away the toxic waste.
    This site provides a great place to take cleaning shower.

    ric t

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