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Free Kathryn Scott mp3 – I belong

Kathryn Scott

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Kathryn Scott
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The latest free song from Vertical records is from the superb Kathryn Scott. This is a beautifully simple song that just makes you stop and listen. The lyrics and music are very crisp and relaxing and a great follow up to her first album Hungry. Kathryn Scott is from Northern Ireland and is the worship leader for the Causeway Coast Vineyard there.

Brian Doerksen and Paul Baloche co-wrote some of the music from the album, although not for this song. The full lyrics are available at the Vertical Music website, but here are a few lines:

No trouble now or ever
Nothing can take me from Your great love
Forever this truth remains


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8 thoughts on “Free Kathryn Scott mp3 – I belong”

  1. I absolutely love this song!! It just surrounds me with God’s love–it is so amazing! I thank the Lord for inspiring her to sing this…it is just so awesome…

  2. Hi Lorie,

    I agree it is a great song isn’t it! It is so beautiful, and as you say – clearly inspired by God.

    I’ve not heard much else from Kathryn Scott so I think I need to get one of her albums…

  3. This song my dear is absolutely clear, simple and full of God’s love. Amazing piano and violines plus Kathryn superb voice = I recommended this piece of Heaven ! Pls. enjoy…:)

  4. hello I believe the data written on this blog website is fundamental, I have book-marked you =D

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