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Free Robbie Seay Band mp3 – Song of Hope

Robbie Seay Band

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Robbie Seay Band
Song of Hope
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This song is both provided and written by The Robbie Seay Band. Christian Music Today say of the Robbie Seay Band“The songs on Give Yourself Away are somewhat typical as far as worshipful pop goes, but Robbie Seay Band makes up for it with the quality of their production.” Slightly harsh maybe – although I guess they aren’t too groundbreaking. But this is great worship song nonetheless, and I’m glad to have heard it and the Robbie Seay Band.

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Here are the lyrics from the beginning of Song of Hope:

“All things bright and beautiful you are,
All things white and wonderful you are,
In my darkest night, you brightened up the skies,


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