Free WALL-E clips for sermons

free-movie-clips.jpgWingClips has recently added six clips from WALL-E, the new Pixar Animation Studios film about the robots left on earth after all the humans have left! This is a critically renowned film which would be great to show in sermons.

* The terms of use for WingClips allows clips to be downloaded and used only and solely for the purpose of illustrating sermon messages and/or teachings during free public religious services and/or teaching presentations. Further terms apply as detailed at the WingClips website.

WALL-EWALL-E synopsis:
After all humans have left the earth, WALL-E (the acronym for Waste Allocation Load Lifter Earth-Class) eventually meets a sleek robot, EVE. She happens across a vital piece of information that the humans want to hear…

Here are the clips that WingCips provide.

WALL-E – Collecting Junk (0:50)

WALL-E, does his job sifting through stuff left by humans, but he has a different perspective to us on what is valuable and what is not.
Themes: Treasure, Materialism, Priorities, Irony, Perspective

WALL-E – Countdown (0:55)

WALL-E panics when he is stuck in a pod which will self-destruct in 20 seconds.
Themes: Warning, Danger, Self-Destruction

WALL-E – Dance Off (0:49)

WALL-E teaches EVE (his robot friend) how to dance.
Themes: Teaching, Example, Communication

WALL-E – Teaser (1:41)

WALL-E finds out what he was meant for.
Themes: Life Changing, Defining Moments, Danger, Change

WALL-E – Trailer (2:30)

WALL-E finds out what he was meant for (similar to the Teaser).
Themes: Individuality, Loneliness, Destiny

WALL-E – Vacuum Vignette (1:02)

WALL-E has an unfortunate incident with the first vacuum cleaner he “meets”.
Themes: Safety, Foolishness, Mistake, Ignorance


Rotten Tomatoes reviews (96% on 03/08/08)
WingClips clips

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  1. i appreciated the sermon clips from the movie Wall-e. I wonder if you know of any study guides for families/or adults regarding the movie.
    thank you for any information you may have.
    sharon morton.

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