Free Simple and Enjoyable Bible study by Tecarta on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad

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Tecarta Bible Reader
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A simple iPhone bible that is a pleasure to use

This review is based on version 2.1.1

Tecarta iphoneSome iPhone applications that I’ve reviewed have been packed full of features which is sometimes a good thing, but can also make them just that little bit too complicated or difficult to use.

Tecarta’s bible software for the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch on the other is beautifully simple. Within seconds you feel at home navigating around the crisp screens, and the slimline content also mean it is very quick to use, particularly if you just use the downloaded KJV.

It is not completely devoid of features though. You can take notes, highlight texts, make bookmarks and go back and view your history. All of these are well integrated and easy to do.

As I mentioned earlier, you can only download the KJV free, but there are other bibles that you can read free whilst online including:

  • ESV
  • NIV
  • NASB
  • NKJV
  • NLT
  • The Message

This actually makes it one of the more comprehensive bible applications regarding the most popular translations. You can also read Matthew Henry’s concise commentary online.

The split screen is useful for reading two translations at the same time.

There is not much to write about Tecarta’s free bible application as it just works and focuses on doing what it does well. You can quickly immerse yourself in the bible as you are not thinking about how to use it or what to touch. All in all it very enjoyable to use, and for many people will be exactly what they are looking for.

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