Free Prayer Journal on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

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Christian Prayer Journal Free iPhone app
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Collect your prayers on your iPhone

Prayer journal iphoneThe Christian Prayer Journal lets you track your prayers, and share them with others if you decide to.

It is very easy to use, just tap in the prayer and choose a ranking from 1-5. You can then also decide to either keep it private or share it with others. You can also make additional notes on the prayer, such as if/when it was answered.

Importantly you can password protect the whole application so that no one can sneak in and see your prayers. There is also the ability to export your prayers to a server, or email them all to yourself, so you can have them backed up.

If you are online there is also the opportunity to see a wall of prayers, which may or may not be useful. But also, you can share prayers and follow people. A bit like a simple facebook or twitter. So then, for those prayers that you choose to share, whoever is following you will also be able to pray for you.

Useful features for the future

This is a very simply application, but it would be much better if you could class some prayers as finished. Currently they all appear on your prayer list unless you delete them. As there is the opportunity to put comments on a prayer it would be good to keep those prayers that have been answered in a different section, so that you can go back and check them in the future.

A more advanced feature might entail allowing you to specify a day for each prayer, so that you can pray through your list throughout the week every week.

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