Free offline bible for your iPhone or iPod Touch

free iPhone bibleiBiblez continues to improve its offerings and now provides a free downloaded bible for your iPhone of iPod Touch. You just provide your email address (that you use on your device) and they email you the files.

Currently it just includes the New Testament but they are working on providing the Old Testament too. This is a great addition, especially for those of us in place like London where travel to work on the underground means we loose our internet connection!

It is not a prefect solution, but this is due to the way the iPhone is set up rather than the programming of iBiblez. Hopefully this will change in the future, but in the meantime the following guidance is provided by iBiblez to access the bible free once they have emailed it to you.
Option 1. – new email address
You can make a new email account with gMail just for the TouchBible. Then forward it to your other email account (or download it again). Keep this email address a secret until June

Option 2. – make an email folder in existing account
You can set up one of your already existing accounts as IMAP. Then, on your desktop computer, make a folder. Drag the TouchBible email to that folder, put nothing else in it.

The next time your check mail on your iPod, the folder will be there, and the email will be inside.

9 thoughts on “Free offline bible for your iPhone or iPod Touch”

  1. Ive been using bible its free and you can even download offline versions from within the app! Ive already downloaded 2 versions for offline reading. The search feature is great and its also linked with online commentary! Check it out I think you’ll soon agree and have to add it to the list!

  2. Thank you for sharing!
    Short list of pros and cons about the iPod touch
    -Slick,small and light device
    -Great touch screen
    -The BEST web browser on a portable device
    -Amazing video/music playback
    -App Store (Too many cool applications for Free)
    -Display screen is clear and bright
    -No bugs and annoying stuff a very reliable hardware
    -64GB Flash based mp3 player

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