GodTube is relaunched Tangle

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Tangle (formerly known as GodTube)
main website

YouTube and myspace wrapped up into a Christian website!

tangle.jpgGodTube has now relaunched as Tangle. It is completely revamped both in its content and design.

The design is more reminiscent of myspace than youtube as it has more of a social element to it. However the content is more focused on videos. The redesign is very successful and makes uses Tangle much easier and more fun with easy to navigate menus and a clear layout.

Tangle is not as overtly Christian as GodTube, with the main emphasis being on safety. However, the artists featured are predominantly Christian and under the tools menu there is a bible and a prayer wall.

As with YouTube it is easy to embed videos into your own websites, two that I watched are shown at the end of this post.

Tangle certainly seems a much more exciting prospect than GodTube. It will be interesting to see over the coming months if they can get more Christian artists to add profiles to allow it to compete with the other social networks.

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