Free Lee Strobel Case for Christ videos

free-movie-clips.jpgWingClips has recently added three clips from Lee Strobel’s Case for Christ. The film is based on Lee Strobel’s well known book which documents his conversion to Christianity. His conversion was different to many in that he set out to disprove Christianity but found that he would need more faith to remain an atheist than become a Christian.

* The terms of use for WingClips allows clips to be downloaded and used only and solely for the purpose of illustrating sermon messages and/or teachings during free public religious services and/or teaching presentations. Further terms apply as detailed at the WingClips website.

Here are the three clips:

Case for Christ – Faith in evidence
Lee Strobel comes to the conclusion at the end of his investigation that it would take more faith to maintain his atheism than to believe in Jesus Christ.
Themes: Faith, Atheism, Defining moments, Belief, Accepting Christ, Truth, Logic, Discernment, Evidence, Wisdom

Case for Christ – First church service
After Lee’s wife convinces him to attend church, Lee discovers that if Christianity is true, it will have huge implications on his life.
Themes: Church, Influence, Relationships, Understanding, Perspective, Enlightenment, Life changing

Case for Christ – Fulfilling Prophecies
Lee finds out that the chances of Jesus randomly fulfilling the messianic prophecies was one out of a trillion, trillion, trillion…
Themes: Prophecy, Evidence, Truth, Understanding, Logic

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