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Holy Bible Free
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An easy to use iPhone bible

Iphone free bibleHoly Bible Free is a simple free bible application with a choice of 8 bibles. Whilst it is not as feature rich or beautifully designed as some other free iPhone bibles, it is easy to use and operates quickly.

The main emphasis is on reading the text, with options to navigate to the old or new testaments at the bottom. Once you are reading simply scroll through the text, or use the verse scroll bar on the right of the page

Free bibles

The following 8 bibles are now included :

  1. ASV
  2. BBE
  3. DBY
  4. DRC
  5. KJV
  6. WEBS
  7. WEB
  8. YLT

Other features

The bible reading plan is useful to allow you to read the bible in one year. You can also mark verses as favourites as you read, and these can be grouped into different sections.

There is also a simple search function included to find any word or phrase in your choice of bible.

Overall using the application is fast, and the design is intuitive.

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