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KJV Bible Audiobook
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Free KJV audio bible on you iPhone – Old and New Testament

Kjv audio bible
KJV Bible Audiobook has one feature that I have not seen elsewhere on a free bible application for the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, you can listen to the bible being spoken to you even when you are offline. The only downside of this is that it weighs in at just under 1gb in size. But if you do want to listen through the bible and need offline capabilities I think this is a price worth paying.

The audio bible is based on the KJV, with a KJV text also included so that you can read whilst you listen. You can either scroll through the verses yourself, or set it up to scroll automatically.

You can select any verse or chapter that you want to listen to, search for a text and listen to that, or even go through a bible reading plan

However, there are more features tucked away that add even more value to this iPhone application.

Offline features

Here are some of the offline features of the KJV Audio Bible:

  • You can access maps of the main geographical areas of the bible.
  • You can have a daily bible reading, and just click through to have it read to you.
  • You can take notes, bookmarks, see your reading history and search.

Online features

There are also some additional features only accessibly when you are online. You can view further translaitons including the NIV, although this is not through the normal bible navigation of the application but an embedded web browser which is not as easy to use.

There are also links to a small collection of other resources and a history of the KJV bible.

1 thought on “Free KJV Bible Audiobook”

  1. I have an 1st series iPad. I have bad eyes, losing sight want an audio bible free, if I can enlarge it on the iPad and read along while hearing even better! I went to this sight but I can not find how to down load or latch on for my iPad so that I might hear the bible. If you could help me I would most appreciate it!
    Thank you and bless you for sharing the good news.
    J. Spencer

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