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Wave Bible
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An easy to use free iPhone bible

Wave bible iPhoneI’ve seen plenty of iPhone bible applications now, but the Wave bible does stand out as very unique. Initially, the colourful design make it feel very different from other bible software. But very quickly it is the simplicity and usability of the software that grabs you. By sticking to the approaches that apple use on their iPhone applications (swiping, tapping & pinching) you quickly feel at home navigating around the bibles. There are some bible applications that I use for other reasons and still pause to think what to do next to flip the page – with Wave Bible you don’t need to think, you just read*.

*Obviously you do think when reading the bible, but that thought can be focused on the text rather than turning over a page or scrolling through the text.

Bible & Books

Whilst you can add other paid for translations such as the NASB, the free bibles which are included offline include:

  • KJV
  • NET
  • God’s Word
  • Greek New Testament
  • They are also working on a Hebrew old testament

Reading the bible

Wave bible takes a slightly different approach to navigating through the available bibles than other applications. Whether you like this or not is probably down to personal preference. To change bibles you swipe across the screen, and you are taken to the next version. You can choose which of the 4 bibles show if you want to ignore one translation. The good thing about this is that it is very fast to flip from one translation to other.

Another nice feature is that if you pinch the screen in landscape mode it will add an extra column so that you can read two bibles at the same time. This also works very intuitively, and you can even add more than two columns which would be particularly useful if you have an iPad.

Greek words

When you are reading the Greek text if you click on a word then the morphology and lexicon (i.e. the English word) will pop up. A nice feature as well is that if you then go to the search area that Greek word will automatically populate the search box so you can then quickly search the whole bible.

Possible Improvements

On the whole I do like the Wave bible. It has taken a different approach to putting the bible on the iPhone and so it is going to get its own set of fans. This is probably a wise move as it means will not necessarily be going head to head with the big guns and struggling to compete.

There are a few changes though that I think would make it even better. Firstly whilst I don’t find the colours bad, I would prefer to be able to choose my own colours.

It would also be good if you could reorder the bibles so that you can decide which version comes first, second, and so on.

Here is a little video on the Wave Study Bible

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