Free Bibles for America New Testament iPhone Application

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Bibles for America iPhone Application
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An iPhone application that helps you find verses on topics

Bibles for america iphoneBibles for America are perhaps best known for sending free New Testaments in North America, but they have now released a free Bible Study iPhone application. In many ways the Bibles for America application is a topical bible, or at least that is how it is easiest to use it. Read the review below to see the features of this bible study software for your iPhone, iPad of iPod Touch.

The bible

The KJV version, although only the New Testament, and also you need to have online access to be able to use the bible.

Using the bible

The main emphasis of the application is to choose the option of looking at a bible study unit (there are over a hundred areas). From here you then get a collection of New Testament verses on that topic. This is not an exhaustive topical bible, but it is a useful way to quickly find verses on a given topic.

You can also set up a reading plan, or search the bible for a passage or word/phrase. To find a passage you need to type the reference; it would be great if this could be selected from a drop down list as well.

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