Free social network and online directory for your church

OnebodyOneBody is both a social network and a directory for your church. There are fees for the hosting plans, but if you host the software yourself you can use it for free. If you are looking to have a safe environment for your church members to socialise then this software would certainly be worth checking out.

Some of the features include:

Searchable Online Directory

Take the pain out of printed directories and office calls by letting members share contact details safely online.

Groups and Mailing Lists

Communicate and collaborate with email and group messaging. Share meeting place details, post pictures, track attendance, and more.

Social Networking

Provide a safe and productive social network where churchgoers can share news, pictures, bible verses, and more.

Membership Management

Use OneBody as a tool to suit your specific needs — either as a ChMS or a separately synchronized database.

The free version is open source, and is very feature rich.

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    Greetings in Name of Our Lord Jesus Christ :……….

    This Ministry was founded by Pastor, PJM. Stephenraj, in the 11th day of October 1993 and the founder still steering this Organization.

    The main mission of this ministry is to establish Churches. Hence the ministry began in cell groups. From October 1994, he was able to gather those who attended the cell groups. in one place for worshiping the Lord, in Sundays. This was the humble beginning.

    From there on, according to Acts 2: 47, God began to add to church, those who are saved by the power of God. By his grace and mercy there are above 340 people gathering on Sundays to worship the Lord. Every day sixteen ministers are working with real commitment fulltime, and with vision in prayer in counseling and in house visiting, which is the heart beat of our ministry, by the grace of God

    This church was born in a rented house, then moved to a school building, and then moved small hut , and now we have our own land and building, which can hold the entire crowd, of 340 people Ofcourse the beginning here was also a small one, with a small building. And now the same has been built in a big way to hold a bigger crowd

    When the church began to grow, the physical needs were also looked into. Thus the church, engaged itself in community development. To do this effectly, and to regularize the funds, we got registered with the government, under registered No 368 of 2004. We have also been granted Tax exemption under 12 AA, and Foreign contributions (regulation) Act (FCRA). We are also a registered Marriage registrar.

    Every year our transaction is audited, and presented to the government. Thus we are presenting ourselves upright before God and Men.

    The power behind our vision is Colossians 1: 28-29, i.e., preaching Christ to every one, and practicing to part with blessing, so as to be a blessing and to be blessed. These are the two eyes through which we see the world, in other words, our community.

    Based on the theme we teach souls to become Christ like, step by step, as also, sharing the blessings of the Lord to be a blessing and to be blessed. With firm commitment we are practicing this for the last 18 years, which results in the church growth.

    We need place and money, to establish church with a strength of 2000 people gathering. As also to establish church all around our area.

    To achieve this, the following are the means.

     Equipping believers to become disciples and to become ministers,

     Establish industrial training institute, to cater to the needs of the believers, and also the community,

     Establish home for the aged, and home for destitute orphanages,

     To establish centre to educate poor students and help them to peruse their studies,

     Organize medical camps and centers , and conduct “awareness” camps

     Identifying the community problems and addressing it,

     Meeting the individuals to proclaim the gospel.

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