Classic Sermons and Articles for Ray Ortlund, John Piper & Kevin DeYoung

Justin taylor
Justin Taylor at the Gospel Coalition has recently published an articles based on asking several pastors or theologians what three essays or sermons they would highly recommend, possibly due to the impact it had on them.

The great news is that plenty of these resources are available free, so I’m reproducing the list but only with the free items in it. In this post you can see the main articles or sermons that impacted Ray Ortlund, John Piper & Kevin DeYoung.

Kevin DeYoung

Ray Ortlund

John Piper

You can find the complete list at Justin Taylor’s blog, but I’ll be featuring more over the coming weeks so you are not overwhelmed! Also, Justin Taylor’s list includes some books that you need to pay for, so I’ll just be showing those that are free.

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