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worship GodThe Sovereign Grace Ministries conference “Worship God 08” will be happening in three months time, and it is perfect for “anyone who wants to grow in their understanding and practice of biblical worship”. Many of the recordings from the main sessions and seminars will be provided free, but if you can’t wait that long then you can access many of the recordings from the 2006 conference free. I strongly recommend anyone involved in public worship to look through the 26 free mp3 talks as there is bound to be something that will enrich you, and build the church through that.

This is a superb collection of talks covering an area often under provided for on the internet. It hass teaching from Christians such as Bob Kauflin, Joshua Harris, Randy Alcorn, Mark Altrogge and many more covering topics including:

  • Igniting Your Passion for God
  • What Will Your Next Song Be? Writing Songs on Purpose
  • Creativity in Corporate Worship
  • A People of God’s Presence

The Worship God website provides the following wise reasoning on the benefits of either attending the conference or downloading the talks from the internet.

Worship leaders and planners are always on the lookout for ways to serve their churches more effectively. Thank God, we have an increasing number of tools, websites, and books we can turn to. But the most important teaching on modern worship wasn’t written in our lifetime. Thousands of years ago, God gave us the Psalms to inform, inspire, and direct our worship. Every generation has the opportunity to rediscover what he’s said.

The “WorshipGod08—Rediscovering the Psalms” conference will take place July 30–August 2, 2008 at Gaithersburg, Maryland. Tickets can be booked at the Worship God website.

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