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Free Resources from Worship God 11. Leading, Songwriting & Tech

Worship god 2011
Worship Matters have provided a great list of seminars from the WorshipGod11 conference. In fact this is the first of two posts so look out for the next list covering different areas.

If you visit the Worship Matters website you get a little summary on each talk, and can download the talk and also a written outline.


  • Putting Songs Together – Bob Kauflin
  • Making Room for the Spirit’s Leading – Pat Sczebel
  • Thinking Surgically While Leading Liturgically – Jamie Brown
  • Theology, Doxology, and Sociology – Shai Linne
  • The Benefits and Limits of Creativity – Bob Kauflin
  • Bringing Order Out of Chaos – Ken Boer
  • Worshiping a Big God in a Small Church – Pat Sczebel


  • Practicing and Planning Creativity (for songwriters) Mark Altrogge, Steve & Vikki Cook
  • Before and After – The Evolution of a Song – Mark Altrogge, Steve & Vikki Cook
  • What Makes These Songs Great? – Steve & Vikki Cook
  • Worshiping God When Your World is Shaking – Craig Cabaniss


  • Building and Caring for a Tech Team, PT1 – Dave Wilcox
  • Building and Caring for a Tech Team, PT2 – Dave Wilcox

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