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Free music videos to help your worship including some well known Christian musicians.

Link: https://open.life.church/resources

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Main website

Thousands of free downloadable resources including sermons and worship DVDs


LifeChurch.tv is stunning website that is packed full of amazing free Christian resources. Everything at LifeChurch.tv is free as they are passionate about changing lives and providing their creative content to help other churches reach people for Christ. It includes messages/sermons, worship dvds, youth work resources and more.

To access the free Christian stuff all you need to do is sign up and agree to the terms for copyright reasons. You then select what you want, and download it. Anyone is free to use the resources as long as it is for non-commercial uses and in an effort to “lead people to become fully devoted followers of Christ.” You do not even have to attribute them when using their content.

So what type of Christian resources do LifeChurch.tv provide?

LifeChurch.tv Messages

The Message section alone is would make this a fantastic free website. Basically you are provided with everything you need to run a church on a Sunday! Most of the messages are grouped into sections (e.g. prayer, I love my church) with each group covering a few weeks. Each week includes a video for the preach, the message outline, and also some small group questions for follow up application of the talk. As well as this there are also trailers and other graphics that can be used to promote the sermon.

The quality is all very high.

LifeChurch.tv Kids

The Kids section includes resources split into the age groups of 2-5 years and 6-11 years. The resources you can download include sheets for the kids to take home, a guide for the week, theme songs, teaching segments and other items too. All you would need to do is add in your own games to complete your kids club!

LifeChurch.tv Youth

Within the youth section you can find a message/video and also some questions to apply the video to each others lives.

LifeChurch.tv Small groups

The small group section often comprises of “just” a dvd that you can use. The messages or series tend to last for 3-4 weeks and are intended to be used within smaller groups of people.

LifeChurch.tv Worship

The worship section has a great selection of worship videos. There were 24 different videos available at the time of this review with each video including 4 songs. The quality of songs is impressive with musicians such as Chris Tomlin, Paul Baloche, Lincoln Brewster, David Crowder and Charlie Hall.

LifeChurch.tv Tools

As well as the resources already mentioned that will be used within various groups, there are also various tools that can be used for training either yourself or others. The training covers areas such as youth groups, small groups, mission, financial and ministry. These tend to be more text based than the other resources.

And that is it for the resources section of LifeChurch.tv! What else could you want though, the breadth and quality of free products available is astonishing.

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